Financiële informatie voor docenten en muzikanten

Omdat TVA incidenteel werkt met Engelstalige docenten is de informatie op deze pagina in het Engels.

Specifying your invoices

Please make sure that your invoice specifies the type of activity (‘les’ or ‘voorstelling’), the name of the group (color and/or teacher if you substitute) as well as the date on which the activities were performed.

Required information on your invoice

Your invoice must contain an identification number (this number should usually be sequential for all the invoices you send) and an official invoice date, your information (name and address) as well as the billing address of TVA:

T.a.v. de penningmeester
Spuistraat 36A
1012 TT Amsterdam

If you bill VAT your VAT identification number (‘BTW-nummer’) should be mentioned on the invoice. Also include your ‘Kamer van Koophandel’ number. And don’t forget to include the IBAN on which you want to receive payment.

Billing VAT

When sending invoices from The Netherlands you only bill VAT (‘BTW’) if you declare it to the tax authorities. Your VAT identification number (‘BTW-nummer’) should be put on the invoice. If you bill VAT it should be 21%, rounded to the nearest cent. The VAT percentage used must be mentioned on the invoice (‘BTW 21%’).

If you send invoices from outside The Netherlands but from within the European Union you do NOT bill us VAT. Instead, if you are registered for VAT you make sure your VAT identification number is mentioned on the invoice, and add a line to the invoice that says ‘VAT transferred to client with VAT ID NL007820847’. That last number is the VAT ID of TVA and must be mentioned in the invoice as well. This is called ‘reverse-charging‘ of VAT.

Billing traveling expenses

In most cases you can bill TVA for traveling expenses based on second class train. If you bill VAT you should bill us the traveling expenses without the 6% VAT charged to you, then add 21% VAT yourself over the amount. An example: if you bill € 7,00 of traveling expenses, the amount should be listed as € 7,00 / 1,06 = € 6,60. The VAT over this amount is 21% or € 1,39, making a total amount of € 7,99.

If you do not send invoices with VAT please contact TVA for more information on how to get your traveling expenses reimbursed.

Sending your invoices

Please send your invoices by email to as a PDF file. If you use Excel or Word to type up your invoice you can use the ‘Save as PDF’ option.